We go through many phases in our lives and each transition has both positives and negatives.  Because we are not directly connected with your possessions, it is easier for us to have an objective outlook on the situation and at the same time respect the emotion tied to your possessions and transition.

  • Crisis Event Reorganization – You had a crisis of some kind; maybe medical or natural disaster and your home got out of sorts. We want to work with you to build a vision of a new “normal” or better after this traumatic experience. 
  • Life Transition | Downsizing – Someone is moving in or out and you want to reorder your home for the current inhabitants and life styles.  We are here to look at your home through a new lens. 
  • Remodel Preparation – If you are planning to do a major remodel, it is a great time to sort through your possessions and safely put away those that are important. We assist in identifying and motivating you to let go of the items that no longer matter to you and your family.

Fee structure for residential clients: We meet with you to do an initial assessment of work.  This discovery phase takes approximately 30 – 60 minutes. From the assessment, we establish your goals and develop a contract that outlines work in 3 to 6 hour time blocks.  We find that portioning the project into time blocks prevents exhaustion and is enough to accomplish a section of the project leaving you feeling successful.