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Let's Face it: "Organized Chaos" in the Workplace Has it's Limitatons.

To truly thrive and grow, businesses needs standardized and
sustainable filing systems for administrative paper and data management.
Think of it as the "boring but important part" of running a business. You'll get:

Increased customer satisfaction and retention

Increased accuracy for accounting and tax management

More accurate and efficient contract and bid proposals

Clarified search procedures for records and documents

Stronger controls for A/P, A/R and payroll

Save time, money and resources spent looking for and recreating documents

Higher morale and reduction of stress for staff

Better compliance for HR records management

Not Sure Where to Start? No Stress!

Portland Area Business Organizing Offerings Include:

Document Management and Record Keeping

- Setup of paper and/or digital filing systems for fast retrieval
- Transition paper files to a digital system
- Create an employee recruitment and records retention system
- Ensure compliance with current laws and regulations

Supplies and Inventory Management

- Standardize your supply inventory to be more efficient
- Reduce order and restock time needed for inventory

Financial and Payroll Coordination and Management

- Review and refine your flow structure for accounting and payroll
-Keep your company payroll systems current and accurate

Email Relief and Simplification

- Create a category system to eliminate the massive amount of emails in your inbox
- Set priority rules to identify and process important emails
- Eliminate email clutter by setting up an unsubscribe process

Time Optimization

- Set up and organize the right paper or digital calendar system
- Optimize your daily schedule for work and personal time

Disaster Preparation

- Records backup in case of emergency
- Create a disaster plan for your staff
- Systems setup to keep the company running if you cannot be available

Productivity in the office in Portland

Ready to Organize Your Portland Area Business? Here's How it Works.

First, we will work with you to do a thorough assessment of your specific situation and needs, with a focus on the areas you seek to improve.

Then we’ll create a plan to prioritize the tasks and develop a fee structure that will work with your budget.


Gabrielle has a knack for helping you organize the seemingly mundane tasks that we face both personally & professionally. She'll improve your productivity for yourself & your organization, by simplifying your filing, accounting, data entry and reporting. Gabrielle will coach you in a very pragmatic, down-to-earth manner where you'll realize the results very quickly!

-Greg S.

She was considered the ‘go to” person for any details, large or small projects, and quick thinking when it came to ‘getting things done”. She has integrity, vision, and the ability to communicate effectively at any level.


-Barbara G.