Business & Commercial

Successful enterprises need straight forward and sustainable systems for administrative paper and data management. Proust Dynamic Organizing assists clients in designing simplified systems which work for their very individual professional challenges.  Objectives include: 

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Stronger controls for A/P, A/R and payroll
  • More accurate and efficient contract and bid proposals
  • Better compliance for HR records management
  • Clarified search procedures for records and documents
  • Increased accuracy for accounting and tax management
  • Higher morale and reduction of stress for staff

Systems Improvement Objectives

Document Management – both digital & paper, archiving & storage

  • Effective organization of paper or digital files
  • Transitioning paper files to a digital system
  • Creating accessible archives for old files

Email Simplification

  • Create a category system to eliminate the massive amount of emails in your IN box
  • Set priority rules to identify and process important emails

Time Management

  • Organize your paper or digital calendar system 
  • Optimize your daily schedule for work and personal time

Financial & Payroll Coordination and Management

  • Review and refine your flow structure for accounting and payroll so that staff can stay easily current and accurate

HR Management and Record-Keeping

  • Improve your system for employee recruitment and records retention
  • Ensure compliance with current laws and regulations

Supplies and Inventory Management

  • Restructure your supply inventory to be efficient and practical
  • Reduce the time it takes to inventory, order and restock

Disaster Preparation

  • Are your records backed up so that your business is able to resume quickly after a disaster?
  • Do you have plans for your staff during or after a disaster?
  • Do you have a system set up to keep the company running if you are hurt and cannot be available?

Fee Structure for Business Clients

We will work with you to do and assessment of your very individual situation with a focus on the areas you seek to improve.  Then we’ll create a plan to prioritize the tasks, and develop a fee structure that will work with your budget.


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