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Employee Training to Lift and Inspire

Presentations are available in the Greater Portland Metro area

No one will be snoozing during our presentations! We find that audience members reliably get excited about getting more done in less time.

Plus, organization in the workplace is critical for employee satisfaction, retention and productivity! You'll convey that you are invested in each team member as an individual and collectively as a group.

In this interactive and fun presentation, Gabrielle will:

Lead team members to understand where their personal organizational gaps lie and how to move forward

Improve team member productivity and personal organization skills

Create staff buy-in and motivation

We Can Talk About Organization Till the Cows Come Home...

...but here are some suggestions for presentations we give regularly and with gusto:

Relief from Email H-E Double Hockey Sticks

Managing email is a universal challenge that affects everyone. Workdays are so much more productive when you have a system to manage email...rather than letting it manage you! Learn the best methods to reduce your inbox and keep it clean.

Calendar and Time Management Support

Do you feel like you are always busy but not productive? Learn about current time management systems and how to choose the one that best suits your style to optimize your calendar while making the most of every day.

Document Filing, Storage and Archival Systems

Without a filing system in place, files become messy and easily lost. We'll discuss how to set up workable categories, manage either paper or digital documents and create a records retention plan to make sure you are in compliance with current laws and regulations.

Office Organization to Win Every Day

Is your workspace set up effectively so that your team is highly productive? Learn the efficient system of “concentric circles” and how it simplifies workflow. By implementing good office organization, you increase productivity and reduce errors! Everybody wins.

Gabrielle Proust

Meet Your Presenter

Gabrielle Proust achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) award for leadership and public speaking in 2015 and was the featured speaker for the PRO Portland pub talk in May of 2019.  She mentored and helped to establish two new Toastmasters clubs; both achieved President’s Distinguished Club Awards.  She is a  coach of groups and individuals to affect change and has given workshops for Toastmasters across District 7. Learn more about Gabrielle here.