Presentations & Training

Presentation & Workshop Topics

  • Email Simplification – Our workdays are so much more productive when we learn to manage our email, not let it manage us. 
  • Calendar & Time management – What is the best calendar method for you?  That depends on your style and the place where you work.  We assist you in finding the system that is best suited to your personality and situation.
  • Document Filing, Storage and Archiving – If you can’t find it when you need it, what’s the point of saving it?  Are you in compliance with current laws and regulations?  Is your current system the best one for your situation?
  • Office Organization – Learn the efficient system of “concentric circles” and how it simplifies workflow and productivity for you and your staff.

Gabrielle Proust achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) award for leadership and public speaking in 2015 and was the featured speaker for the PRO Portland pub talk in May of 2019.  She mentored and helped to establish two new Toastmasters clubs; both achieved President’s Distinguished Club Awards.  She is a  coach of groups and individuals to affect change and has given workshops for Toastmasters across District 7.  

Fee structure for Presentations & Trainings : We are excited to talk to you about your presentation and training needs.  Fees and charges to be determined by the scope of the project.