Integrity, Vision and Communication Skills

Gabrielle Proust’s strong organizational skills were highly demonstrated during her tenure at OHSU, Doernbecher as executive assistant to the Director. She was considered the ‘go to” person for any details, large or small projects, and quick thinking when it came to ‘getting things done”. She has integrity, vision, and the ability to communicate effectively at any level.

-Barbara G

She Kept Me on Track

Gabrielle helped me go from overwhelmed to organized!  With her can-do attitude, she kept me on track.  When I got bogged down she instructed me to, "Just put it back. You can think about tossing it later."  After just two rooms, I was able to donate 1-1/2 car-loads of usable items.  I feel wonderfully lighter and can use those rooms now.

– Penny J.

She'll Coach You to Set Up Organizing Systems that Stick!

Gabrielle has a knack for helping you organize the seemingly mundane tasks that we face both personally & professionally. She'll improve your productivity for yourself & your organization, by simplifying your filing, accounting, data entry and reporting. Gabrielle will coach you in a very pragmatic, down-to-earth manner where you'll realize the results very quickly!

-Greg S.

A Fabulous Organizer!

Gabrielle is a fabulous organizer that will streamline your messy office into a highly functional and productive workspace!

-Tanya R.